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All Class Reunion - 2025

Reunion has been postponed to 2025, we are leaving the previous plans here for now as a reference to class organizers.

After much discussion regarding what has and has not worked for past reunions, both All Class and Decades, it was decided that the Alumni Association would host a 'kick off' event for the All Class Reunion but that all following events would be organized by the various decades or classes.  In that light we are looking for people from each decade who would like to organize event(s) for their classmates.

We have chosen the 4th of July weekend of 2020 for the All Class Reunion.

The Alumni Association kick-off event will take place on Friday, July 3rd, 2020 at the Mueller Center and will also serve as a place for alumni to receive a schedule of the events taking place for each decade.

 Friday, July 3rd 2020

4-8pm - Alumni Association Kick-Off Mixer - Mueller Center
        food, cash bar, class photos,
       information on class and decade
       events for the rest of the weekend

8pm - HS City Street Dance - Crazy Woman Creek Band
 Saturday, July 4th 2020

6-9am - Firecracker 1 mile, 5K, 10K Races - Chautauqua Park Flyer

9am - 4th of July Parade
(any classes or decade who wish to have floats)

Pioneer Museum (old school) will be open after the parade ($6 - adult, $5 - senior)

12 - Community Picnic - Mueller Center

2pm - Duck Race - Riverside Park

3 - 6pm - Les Chanteur reunion picnic, Upper Chautauqua Park

TBA - 1970's 50th Reunion supper at Wooley's

5-7pm - Shells of Time Concert  - Mueller Center - Retro Rock & Roll

5:30pm - 50's decade supper at Wooley's

TBA - 80's decade dinner at The Vault with live band (band: 9pm - 1am)

Dark - City Fireworks - Golf Course
 Sunday, July 5th 2020

Brunch - 50's decade at Bourbon County

Community Events - yellow
Reunion Events - blue

Plans & Planners for Each Decade

Planning Decade Reunion in conjunction with All Class Reunion
Planner: Bernice Landers (605) 745-5745

Planning Decade Reunion in conjunction with All Class Reunion
Planners: Steve McBride and Peggy Varick

Planning Decade Reunion in conjunction with All Class Reunion
Planners: Loree L Crawford (LaRoche) '77 [605-381-8074, 70sreunion@hshsalumni.com] and Jayne Pfenning (LaRoche) '79
Decade planning facebook group:

     1970 - 50th reunion planner:Ivan Mehlhaff

    Decade planning dinner get-together at The Vault & float in the parade
Planner: Julie Oberlitner    Join facebook group:

    1990 - planner: Brett Nachtigall 30th class reunion
                  e-mail: Brett.Nachtigall@gmail.com
    1997 - planner: Amber Pelster (Stokes) apelster@gmail.com

  Les Chanteurs (any decade) will be having a picnic at the Upper Chautauqua Park pavilion. Join our facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/chanteur2020/

Still Looking for Ideas
Planner: Caitlin Turner  Join our facebook group:
A reunion doesn't have to be a large formal affair.  Here are a few suggestions for a range of formal to informal events.

Reserve a pavilion at one of the parks in town and hold a potluck picnic

Organize a float from your decade or class for the 4th of July Parade

Participate with your classmates in one of the many community events of the 4th of July weekend, like the Firecracker Races or the Street Dance

Organize a meal at one of the town's restaurants

If you are lucky enough to have a local classmate with some land see if they would be willing to host a BBQ

Have a get-together at one of the lakes; fishing, boating, swimming.