All Class Reunion Postponed Until 2025

Post date: Feb 27, 2021 7:13:08 PM

A group of class and decade planners met on Monday, February 15th to discuss the All Class Reunion.Dealing with uncertainty is one of the most difficult and frustrating things when working as a volunteer planner. Many of us in that room had put in a lot of time planning for the 2020 reunion only to see it cancelled for events outside of anyone's control. These problems continue into 2021 and in 2022 a massive road construction project is slated to tear apart downtown for a couple years.No one wants to plan a large event and have to cancel. No one wants to plan a large event and have participants frustrated or annoyed the whole time by inconvenient travel; or worse not have people show up. We want the All Class Reunion to be a fun time for both volunteers and participants. Which is why we are planning the All Class Reunion for 2025. A year we can invite the alumni back to Hot Springs to see our new downtown with its new walkways, when COVID will be a distant memory, and we can enjoy a long Fourth of July weekend.

There will still be reunions and get-togethers in the meantime. Several classes are planning their class reunions for this year and next. The 1970's classes are discussing organizing an informal alumni picnic, open to all, next summer (2022) during the weekend of the Fourth.

We know the delay is disappointing to many, we hope you will be understanding of our volunteer's time and effort.