Winners of the 2015 HSHS Alumni Association Scholarships

Post date: Feb 28, 2016 11:19:22 PM

Pictured are all of the HSHS Seniors who earned awards at the banquet held in May 2015, including front, from left:

Courtney Naasz, Grace Rickenbach, Bailey Beougher, Erin Yager, Faith Bottum, Darci Rogers, Sable Simmons, Grady Egly,

Grant Russell, Jacob Tarrell and Tallyn Lockhart. Back row: Jared Harkless, Charity Britain, Wyatt Roda, Amber Hulse, Kole Vollmer,

Sarah Lane, Harlynn Stover, David Nelson, Cole Berkley, Baxter Boldon and Chance Britain.

Winners of the 2015 HSHS Alumni Association Scholarships were as follows:

Grace Rickenbach – Brianna Bogner Memorial Scholarship ($250) and

Clifford and Joyce Wilson Community Scholarship ($500);

Courtney Naasz – Suzanne Jett Davies Music Scholarship ($500) and

H.R. Woodward Memorial Science Scholarship ($500);

Wyatt Roda and Jared Harkless – Technical Training Scholarships ($500 each);

Tallyn Lockhart – Teacher Education Scholarship ($500);

and Darci Rogers – HSHS Alumni Association Scholarship ($1,500).