The Hot Springs High School Alumni Association offers the following Scholarships

For Graduating High School Seniors: Application for All High School Scholarships

2022 Deadline: April 22nd, turn in to school guidance counselor or email applications to

Brianna Bogner Memorial Scholarship ($250)

Clifford and Joyce Wilson Community Scholarship ($500)

Suzanne Jett Davies Music Scholarship ($500)

H.R. Woodward Memorial Science Scholarship ($500)

Technical Training Scholarships ($500 each) (2 scholarships available)

Teacher Education Scholarship ($500)

HSHS Alumni Association Prestigious Scholarship ($1,500)

For Current College Students:

Firecracker Finish Line Scholarship ($1,000) application packet (deadline June 17th, 2022)

Technical Training Scholarship ($500) application [# of scholarships available for 2022 unknown until after April 22nd, deadline June 17th, 2022]