Hot Springs Hall of Fame to Raise Money for New Seating at Woodward Field

Post date: Aug 15, 2017 1:51:37 AM

From the Hot Springs Bison Boosters:

Dear Hot Springs Alumni,

The Hot Springs Hall of Fame had its first inductees last October 8th, 2016. The event was a big success and there is a lot of excitement. Many alumni have generously donated funds to get the Hall of Fame on the fast track. There has been a project identified that is much needed for the attendees of a Hot Springs Football game or a Track & Field meet.

See Bison Booster's website for pictures of the current seating and the proposed seating. The current seating makes it difficult for the attendee to sit down and stand up. We believe more people from Hot Springs and Fall River County would attend a sporting event if they knew in advance that seating is not an issue. Other events can take place with the bench seating such as graduation.

The picture displayed on the Bison bleachers are currently cement. To add bench seating bleachers, it will cost $50,000. Currently the Hall of Fame has $28,000.00 from alumni and businesses who donated.

We are asking for your help to spread the word to alumni you know on social media asking for a financial contribution towards the bench seating. Implementation for the new seating is going to be scheduled for the spring of 2018.’

There are two payment methods available for your donation:

1. A check can be made out to the Hot Springs Hall of Fame c/o the Hot Springs Boosters and mailed to:

Hot Springs Hall of Fame c/o Boosters Club

PO Box 996

Hot Springs, SD 57747

2. Or, you can go online at you will see different amounts you can select. Or there is another tab for a larger donation. You will receive two return emails. One which is a receipt of your donation for your taxes and the other to be a Bison Booster Club Member.

Please help support the local athletic Football games and Track & Field meets at Hot Springs High School.

The next Hall of Fame Banquet is Saturday September 30th 2017 at the Mueller Center in Hot Springs.

uestions, please contact: Carlos Cornay, Hot Springs alumni Class ’77. Carlos can be reached at 605-660-6442 or at Quinten Hofer Hot Springs alumni Class ’78. Quinten can be reached at 319-395-9542 or at

Thank You for your consideration.

“Alumni are one of the school’s greatest assets.”